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Inkredulous : Episode 16

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Back again with another Inkredulous podcast, this time with George Hrab from the Geologic podcast, and MC of QEDcon 2011 and Jay Novella from The Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast.
Jay Novella

George Hrab
You may have come across these rational heroes before - they are SO FAMOUS that they each have their own Wiki page, (I know!) so you can imagine it was a pretty daunting for a shmo like me.

Still, it was a total blast and, as seems to happen every time I record one of these things, immediately afterwards I have the fear that I was rubbish, but when the edit comes out, Andy (@inkredulosi) somehow makes it seem not so bad..... Here's a line from Jay that made me feel all warm and wanted :)

As always, the text is below, although the Honey Blues are greatly enhanced by George and his demon guitar-fingered noodling.




Here is my "Honey" blurb for Question 1:

This is the story of the weird coloured honey appearing and proof IF PROOF BE NEEDED that all women love chocolate…and it goes something like this.

I woke up this morning
Doing what I do
I went to my beehive
And all my honey was blue
I got the blues so bad baby,
All my honey has turned blue
And even stranger than what I’d seen
Some of my honey had turned green…

Andy, French farmers have recently been finding that their honey, which normally consists of sweet sticky sugary honey goodness, currently consists of sweet sticky sugary honey goodness and a large amount of highly coloured contamination. Cries of “Sacre Bleu LITTERALEMENT” could be heard throughout the town of Ribeauvillé as honey farmers stared in amazement at their jars of blue, green, and turquoise honey. For European listeners, Ribeauvillé is near Strasbourg and for the US listeners it is …like…. near Iraq.
Andy, honey is a natural product and bees, of one form or another, have been making honey for about 30 million years.  Which is about 30 million years (give or take a few thousand) before man was created by God, if US Senate Candidate Todd Akin (who sits on the House Committee of Science, Space & Tech) is to be believed. Indeed Mr Akin, won’t believe evolution, but probably would believe that Samson off of the Bible ate some honey which bees had made inside a Lion’s carcass, a lion which he had killed with his own bare hands a few verses earlier. No really, he did. Judges 14 – all true.
As I know you know, I keep bees myself and the honey bee life cycle is phenomenally interesting and, you’ll be surprised to know, very different from our human one  – for instance, it is matriarchal society made up of a Queen bee at the top, and worker bees lower down, all of whom are female. Fancy having a workplace with women at the top and all the workers women! It’s institutionalised misandry, is what it is. Every hive has a handful of drone bees whose only real purpose is to mate – they are effectively dungeon sex-slaves. After a drone has had sex with a queen, which happens mid-flight, his tiny little bee-cock detaches inside the queen and pulls out his abdomen, causing the male bee to die.
This has almost never happened to me.
So all the worker bees – and in this newstory, most importantly the ones who go flying about looking for nectar, - are all women. Their plan is to go out into the big bad world, using a combination of ultraviolet and coloured light, smell and random chance to find their food – pollen for now and nectar to make honey for winter. Once they find a good source, they can convey this information to other bees. If those bees also find the good source, they will tell more bees and so on so forth. If the source is big enough eventually, a high percentage of the foraging bees will end up at that source.
When the French honeyfarmers near Ribeauvillé came to collect their honey, it was various shades of blues and green. This meant that was a fairly big source of highly coloured nectar or nectar like product.
And so it turned out that the source was a biomass plant processing waste from a local M&M’s production facility, who had left the waste from the Mars factory uncovered, and the sticky, sugary chocolately mess had been hovered up by the hungry bees.  The bees then regurgitated this highly-coloured pre-honey, into the honeycomb and then fanned it with their wings to evaporate off some of the water to leave blue honey.
So there you have it. Weird coloured honey and proof all women love chocolate.

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