Sunday, June 3, 2012

QEDcon 2012: Inkredulous Podcast Episode 12

Just realised I hadn't put this up here, even though the actual event was on 10th March. Well, that's kind of how things are the minute, being a new, first-time parent...

Inkredulous - Episode 12 (Play in New Window) 

I hadn't planned to do anything at QEDcon this year, just attend, as the recent arrival of Baby*T had efficiently hoovered up most of my free time (in a good way!). However, on the Sat, someone planning to be on the Inkredulous Podcast panel couldn't attend, and after asking almost everyone in attendance, Andy asked me if I would oblige.

Sunday morning was spent INCREDIBLY hungover, trying to cobble together something suitable (and hopefully funny) for the live recording. When I've done Inkredulous before, we've recorded about 3 - 4 hours of blether, in the hope of winnowing out an hour of passable material, so this was going to be a mission. To add to the pressure, Times columnist David Aaronovitch and TV magician Paul Zenon were on the panel, as well as Marsh from Merseyside Skeptics.

In the pained, hungover state I was trying to prepare in, I think my quality control gene was misfiring, and so hastily ended up with something that could have been offensive, sprinkled with a selection of cheap cock jokes. In the end, I think the audience was as hungover as I was, so perhaps we communicated on the same wavelength....

Oh, and being a new parent has exposed me to a world of bullshit science that I never knew existed. One day, I'll blog it, once I've had a good night's sleep.....



Andy, there is a sickness in this land. A sickness that will lead to the inevitable destruction of global humanity. The Pope has voiced it and Our most senior UK catholic has voiced it.

This apocalyptic behemoth is not religion, which provides peace and charity throughout all countries of the world,

it is not racism which is largely non-existent as demonstrated by US republican politics,

it is not sexism, which apart from a few excitable loudmouth woman is largely an academic interest. I explained this to someone last night in the elevator.

It isn't the global arms industry, which is worth 1.5 trillion dollars/year, which helps sustain stability, and peace In difficult and testing circumstances.

it isn't hunger, famine, disease or pestilence or natural disasters

no, in fact this evil that will explode the cornerstone of society is


Apparently some of these diseased people want the same rights as normal heterosexual people and want to get married! Married Andy!

When will the lunatic leftie liberal fringe in this country realise that when you choose to be gay you are choosing a lifestyle with reduced rights. Rights are for Adam and Eve not Madam and Eve. (a twist on an old favourite)

The sacraments are God-given and not up for being changed by men, willy nilly, and I use the phrase advisedly. It's a slippery slope. Next thing you know The Gays will be wanting to have the same rights at other religious events. You know, things that right-minded people would baulk at - dignified funerals and such. Sickening really.

Marriage is about children, Andy. Which is why old people aren't allowed to get married and I should also point out that the pope also says cohabiting couples and sex outside marriage are both quite evil, but at least they follow the "manufacturers instructions" and don't become genital-jailbreakers.

That's why today, a letter from UK's highest catholic, a man in a skirt - I pass no comment - is being read out in churches pleading to its parishioners for more intolerance, to be more homophobic, more exclusive, more hating, and ultimately more irrelevant.

This is yet another example of religious people exhibiting their unhealthy predeliction for dictating what other people do with their fizzy bits.

In fairness, it's just gay men probably. Given these religions are entirely men, it's possible that lesbianism is a *cough* "tolerated evil", I don't know. But it does seem to be all about the outer danglies.

Can you imagine the effect, if the church had, as they have in this case, assembled their efforts, made loud proclamations, got letters read out in all churches, and used their media contacts to investigate and bring justice to the hundreds of people abused at the hands of the paedophile priests within that same organisation? Would that not be a more edifying effort?

Rather than bring justice to those who they have sinned against, they'd rather promote intolerance and hatred of gay couples who want equality. This from the mouth of a man who wears a dress - to be fair,  it's not a dress it's called a cassock. A word that comes from the union of ass and cock.

I personally don't think that gay marriage is something that will uproot civilisation as we know it, but given that it is 2012 can any of you prove that it wasn't this that brought down the Mayans?

Food for thought.