Friday, June 17, 2011

Pod Delusion: Tim Harford Interview

Last Friday I went along to see Undercover Economist and Radio 4's More or Less frontman Tim Harford in Oxford at the International Growth Centre. This was part of a series of lectures he was giving to promote his new book, "ADAPT- Why Success Always Starts With Failure".

This was my first face-to-face interview for the Pod Delusion (actually, for anything!) and to interview someone who is a bit of hero of mine and a sort of nerd celeb was a honour. (Maybe that's bit OTT, but you get the idea). I was only able to attend at the last minute, also the book is only being out on hardback so I hadn't read it, and the interview was before the lecture so my preparation was scant and manic. Unfortunately, that comes across in the interview, but in reality, Tim is such a gent and a tremendous communicator that the end result is a success of interviewee over interviewer!

The full unedited interview can be found here:


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