Thursday, April 29, 2010

Podcast Pimping: Righteous Indignation

So, I'm pretty much a politician right now - previously apologising for something bad I did (in this case, pimping podcast rather than proper blogging) and saying how it will improve in future, and then, pretty much doing the same thing again.

This time I'm on this week's Righteous Indignation podcast, with Trystan Swale and Gavin Schofield. Normally, Hayley Stevens presents and without her gender balance there was a risk of it becoming unbalanced and blokey. Might have ended up with an overcompensation.

Hayley did the editing, removing all my idiosyncratic 'ums' and 'ers', making me sound almost coherent - I mean, how else would you explain the comments on this? :)




  1. Methinks, T, you are feeling slightly proud of the comment, though!

  2. It got a stern one-eyebrow-raise from Mrs Dr*T.


  3. Quite right too ... you want to be able to fit your head through doors, etc ;)