Monday, February 22, 2010

"Come in homeopaths, your time is up" - MPs urge Government to quit funding homeopathy

And about time to.

The UK Parliament Science & Technology Committee today published their 'Evidence Check' into homeopathy.

Lots of blogs and news outlets have been tiggerish with excitement and covering this excellently, so no need to repeat it all here - XtalDave has a good roundup of the blogs covering it, but suffice today the report (.pdf here) concluded that the NHS shouldn't fund Homeopathic hospitals, that the theory behind homeopathy was 'weak', that homeopathy trials have shown it is no better than placebo (very different from there being no evidence), that homeopathy decreases patient choice, and that homeopathy advocates cherry-picked the data they presented to the committee.

Pretty much what this and other blogs have been saying for some time.

So, instead of providing sharp, insightful, thought-provoking analysis of the event, I've settled on a sub-Jagoist cheap laugh based on a weedkiller. Ta-dah!