Monday, July 13, 2009

General Chiropractic Council unable to cope with complaints

According to a letter shown to this blog, the General Chiropractic Council has written to complainants and chiropractors saying that it can not cope with the number of complaints it has received (590 last month compared with 40 per year).

The GCC have stated that
it will be necessary to increase our regulatory staff capacity before we issue formal notification of any complaints relating to chiropractic websites.

The lack of staff will delay the commencement of the formal process until September 2009. The increase in complaints was due to the British Chiropractic Association's attempt to silence criticism about claims for chiropractic being an evidence-free zone.

If the BCA had been a bit less foolish, it could have avoided this whole debacle, but it appears that it was spoiling for a fight, and is looking pretty groggy.



  1. Can we see the letter?

  2. Yes

    **holds it up to screen**


  3. Actually, Andy @ The Quackometer has reprinted the whole thing, if you want to see it.


  4. cruel so very cruel

    and then so very very kind.

    Ta muchly Dr*T