Friday, June 26, 2009

Say goodbye to colic the easy way!

.... by deleting it from your website, indeed.

Previous posts on this site have demonstrated that evidence-free claims about the ability of chiropractors to cure/treat period pains, carpal tunnel syndrome and asthma are routinely appearing on chiropractor's websites - in the blogposts above, I linked to Glasgow Chiropractic as an example.

[Many other bloggers are carrying out similar investigations into chiropractic claims, in light of the British Chiropractic Association's spectacularly bad decision to sue Simon Singh for stating there was no evidence for many of Chiropractic's claims of efficacy.

As a result, a number of complaints have been put to the General Chiropractic Council, and McTimoney Chiropractic, a professional body for a branch of chiropractic, sent out an edict to its members to shut down their websites, for fear of investigation.]

One of the complaints to GCC was about Glasgow Chiropractic's claims on their website and so, using the power of the intertubes, and, a page monitor for two of Glasgow Chiropractic's pages was set up.

This week, the first notice of change appeared. This provides a comparison of the old site with the changed one - click on 'View Changes' about half way down the page on the left hnd side.

Notice on the left hand side in the yellow box, the word 'Colic' with a line through it. (You'll see the new page has the word 'Colic' removed). They've decided that chiropractic is no longer useful for treating colic. No need to tell anyone though, just say goodbye by deleting it from your website in a wonderfully Orwellian way.

The internets never forget though.

[In a similar fashion, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council got caught playing a seemingly dishonest game, by editing old press releases to remove undesirable targets they had set themselves.]



  1. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

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