Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homeopathic Protection Against ChemTrails or Fun with Freedom of Information.

This is just a bit of pointing and laughing really - childish, puerile and enjoyable.

I was reading the People's Journal of Science (PJS or Daily Mail as it's known) and how they even-handed and non-sensationally reported CHEMtrust's commissioned report on Male Reproductive Health Disorders and the Potential Role of Exposure to Environmental Chemicals (pdf). The Daily Mail screamed
Gender-bending chemical timebomb fear for boys' fertility
and followed it up with hardhitting quotes like
Exposure to environmental chemicals slightly increases the risks of undescended testes and hypospadia - malformed genitalia - in boys, the report found
'Slightly increased'? That's a world away from 'timebomb fear', no? Anyway, I haven't fully read the report and only laugh at the Daily Mail's reporting rather than the report itself.

However something in the comments reminded me of a bizarre Freedom of Information request I saw about a year ago on the fantastic WhatDoTheyKnow website. The comments section of any Daily Mail story range from the weird to the scary and have every veiw point in between. e.g.
[Soy] will turn a boy less masculin and reduce his chances of having children,"birth control". This is all part of population reduction by the elite, not so many slaves are required for their New World Order. - peter neilson, wigan england
Righty-oh, pretty resonable point of view...... but it was Anne Palk-Smith who really made me snigger:
In the article Professor Sharpe is quoted as saying 'you can'y do anything about chemicals in the environment...'
Perhaps it would be a start for us to ask goverment who is ordering the polution of the skies by pumping out toxins from planes under the guise of contrails. For anyone not familiar with this issue do a search on internet for 'chemtrails'. - anne palk-smith
So what are Chemtrails? Wiki has the following to say:
The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some contrails are actually chemicals or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Versions of the chemtrail conspiracy theory circulating on the internet and radio talk shows theorize that the activity is directed by government officials.[1] As a result, federal agencies have received thousands of complaints from people who have demanded an explanation.[2] The existence of chemtrails has been repeatedly denied by government agencies and scientists around the world
So why doesn't someone ask the government what's going on?

And they did. Step up Veronica Chapman - no stranger to conspiracy theories. (She has also a FoI request for "Is income tax legal?"

I'm going to reproduce an slightly edited version of the mail discussion between Ms Chapman various government bods. It's really worth perservering with.....

Dear Sir or Madam,

I make the following request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act.

For sometime now I, and many others, have observed trails left by
low-ish flying aircraft. These trails do not disperse rapidly as do
those ice-crystal vapour trails from high-flying jets.

Will you please be so kind as to tell me:

1) The chemical composition of these slowly-dispersing trails.

2) Who authorises them.

3) What know effects they may have on the population of the United

Thank you in anticipation.

Veronica Chapman

Dear Veronica

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately Defra does not hold this
information. We believe it is an issue for the Department for Transport.

Dear Helpline, Defra (CCU),

Thank you for your response.

Are you suggesting that the environment is not affected? That
whatever is in these trails does not fall to the ground and enter
the food/water chains?

I will, of course, contact the Department of Transport as you
suggest, and pose the same questions to them.

But would still like to know your reasoning as to how something
man-made, that is falling from the sky, has been given the
all-clear as far as earthbound living organism is concerned. (As
far as the environment is concerned, if you wish to put it like

Is the air we breathe being continually monitored?

If so, what are the results? Do the air, water, and food supplies
contain any unusual substances, referenced back (say) to 30 years

I think, with respect, these are fair questions to ask, based on
what many of us have observed.

Yours sincerely,


In response to your recent enquiry concerning emissions from airplanes and air quality, this is a matter for the Department for Transport, but I can confirm that we monitor and assess air quality throughout the UK in accordance with EU air quality legislation. For further information, please see:

Dear Snary, Chris (AQIP),

Thank you for your response, and for answering ONE of my questions
- i.e. to the effect that you are responsible for monitoring our
AIR, and that is to EU quality standards.

May I therefore please have answers to my remaining questions,
which I will repeat (slightly rephrased) for your guidance:

1) Do you monitor the water supply (as well as the air)?

2) Who monitors the food chain (if not yourselves)?

3) Can you positively confirm that these unusual sky markings have
absolutely no effect whatsoever on the environment and, in
particular human and animal life?

4) Can you positively confirm that the air, water, and food
supplies contain no unusual substances, referenced back (say) to 30
years ago

Yours sincerely,

Dear Ms Chapman

Thank you for your e-mail of 7 July to Chris Snary about unusual markings in
the UK skies. I have been asked to reply. To respond to your questions in

1) Do you monitor the water supply (as well as the air)?

The quality and safety of drinking water is monitored by water companies and
is regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate. The quality of natural
bodies of water is monitored by the Environment Agency.

2) Who monitors the food chain (if not yourselves)?

The Food Standards Agency regulates the safety of food products.

3) Can you positively confirm that these unusual sky markings have
absolutely no effect whatsoever on the environment and, in particular human
and animal life?

As Mr Snary has previously advised, the Department for Transport is best
placed to advise on matters relating to emissions from aircraft.
4) Can you positively confirm that the air, water, and food supplies contain
no unusual substances, referenced back (say) to 30 years ago[?]

There are public regulatory processes in place to manage all environmental
risks that have been identified as potentially significant.

Contact details for the organisations listed above can be found at:

Drinking Water Inspectorate:

Environment Agency:

Food Standards Agency:

Department for Transport:

Yours sincerely

Dear Defra UnHelp Line,

Thank you very much for your stone-walling, and attempts to divert
this FoI request.

However I have (in the meanwhile) had the good fortune to be told,
via a friend, to check up on "Chemtrails". When I did that I saw
many, many pictures, from all over the world, looking exactly like
the sky markings I tried to describe.

And, guess what! The answers to my questions are already known!

These 'trails' contain such substances as barium (radio-active?
Barium Meal given to X-Ray patients?), and aluminium.

I'm breathing, eating, and drinking barium & aluminium?

And the Department of the Environment doesn't mind?

This is within 'EU guidelines'?

Well, I certainly mind, even if you & the EU don't.

But then apparently, it gets worse. This chemtrail soup also
contains nano-technology-sized pathogens …

(pathogen: noun: any micro-organism, especially a bacterium or
virus, that causes disease in a living organism)

… and that these can accumulate, and link together to destroy the
electro-chemical balance of any living creature.

Or, to put it another way "they are *very* not nice at all".

All this information comes from:

… which includes a test to see if you are affected (you will be),
and various detox methods.

Or, to put this another way "The EU Guidelines are obviously a very
sick joke, devised by some very sick people"

Defra: You and your EU have been absolutely no help whatsoever. In
fact 'deliberate hindrance' would be a far more apposite

Yours sincerely,

Dear Ms Chapman,
Thank you for your email of 12 July regarding unusual markingsin the UK
skies. I have been asked to respond.
I am unable to add anything further to the previous response from my
colleague Christopher Conder.

I hope this is helpful.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The information you have supplied has not been helpful in the
slightest. (So ... well done! You are doing your job!). Fortunately
I found the information elsewhere.

Along with the information I received from elsewhere, came a
homeopathic detoxification method designed to kill (without any
side-effects) any parasitic activity that I may very well have
inadvertently breathed in (under your EU Guidelines).

Since you, presumably, breathe the same EU-Guidelined air as I do,
all I can do is to wish you good luck, in the long term, with skin
lesions that 'just don't seem to want heal, no matter what you do'.

Yours sincerely,

Veronica Chapman

Dear Ms Chapman,
Please see our response on aviation contrails here

Dear Roger Worth,

Than you for the documentation on Contrails, which is totally
irrelevant because my question was about CHEMTRAILS ... which have
been analysed to contain barium and aluminium, etc, and also some
for of nano-particles which (possibly) create Morgellon's disease.

On re-reading your response, and my original request, it seems
clear to me that you did not read my original request.

So, in order to clarify the situation please be so kind as to read

I am not in the slightest bit interested in Contrails left by
high-flying aircraft … even where these ice crystals may contain a
small amount of unburned kerosene (paraffin).

The 'unusual markings' of this FoI request relate to CHEMTRAILS
(Google it!) left by LOW-FLYING aircraft, in various shapes … such
as "V"s and "X"s, parallel lines, etc. Sometimes these cover the
entire sky as they spread out.

According to independent Analysts these CHEMTRAILS comprise such
substances as barium (which is, of course, radio-active),
aluminium, and other materials. There is good information on the
Internet to state that these CHEMTRAILS also contain nano-particles
(Google it!) which cause Morgellon's Disease (Google it!).

CHEMTRAILS are what forms the subject of this FoI request.

I would like confirmation of the EXACT chemical composition.

I would like confirmation of exactly how long this has been going
on. (Some have said "two decades")

I would like to know who authorises this, and WHY.

Since I breathe the air, eat the food from the food chain, and
drink the water, I think I have the right to know. Don't you?

Yours sincerely,

I am not aware of any scientific work by credible scientists that supports the existence of chemtrails. Limited analysis has been undertaken to analyse contrails but you are not interested in them.

I would be interested in seeing the source that you refer to so that I can consider circulating it amongst our scientific advisors.

I've done a quick search of the internet on Morgellon's disease and it appears more closely related to soil than to anything else.

Sorry I can't offer you anything more substantive
Roger Worth

Dear Roger Worth,

You said: "I am not aware of any scientific work by credible
scientists that supports the existence of chemtrails".

You don't need Scientists. All you need is to *open your own eyes,
and look upwards*

Or Google "Chemtrails"

The distinction between "Contrails" and "Chemtrails" is totally and
blindingly OBVIOUS to anyone with open eyes and a functioning

Your statement indicates you (presumably) possess neither of these
essential organs which, with the greatest respect, renders your
statement utterly crass. Are you actually PAID to write such purile

Yours sincerely,

Veronica Chapman

Sadly, the conversation ends. Veronica has her homeopathic detoxification method (whatever that is) and poor Roger Worth had to write with patience to a crank - I would love to know what he 'wanted' to write.

Freedom of Information is a fantastic resource and is an excellent step towards open government, I suppose the downside is something like the above. It's all a government conspiracy, if you ask me ;)


  1. After that chemtrails laugh, I believe the time has come to name this new disease that homeopathy can only make worse.

    Clue Immunity Syndrome

    An inability of the brain to process obvious clues that a particular belief is clearly woo-woo. May be genetic, but we hope not as it is so widespread.

  2. Why wasn't she charged money for this?

  3. Well, Warhelmet, she wasn't charged money for this, but surely she had to pay for her "homeopathic remedy" X-DDDD

  4. "You don't need scientists..just google it."

    I hope no-one tells my employers.

    Hilarious stuff DrT. Well done.


  5. What a great business model!
    1)Invent completely unfounded foe to fear.
    2)Create product to "cure" effects from "foe" and charge exorbitant prices for it.
    3)Start blogging/message boarding to spread the fear (and links to the cure!)

  6. "What a great business model!
    1)Invent completely unfounded foe to fear.
    2)Create product to "cure" effects from "foe" and charge exorbitant prices for it.
    3)Start blogging/message boarding to spread the fear (and links to the cure!)"

    Hardy new, though. See, for example, Lurgi Strikes Britain (1954):

    Eeeeeeeeh Yakka-Boo!

  7. I like how she manages to get in mentions of Morgellons disease... no crank's rant would be complete without that.

    She also thinks barium is radioactive, because it's used in x-rays... :P

  8. I see The Lay Scientist has written an interesting piece on Morgellon's Disease here.


  9. You have to wonder what the crazy lady's motivation in this was. Clearly, she already knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt in her mind, the answers to all her questions. So why engage in an extended e-mail exchange, all faux-polite and pretending not to know of these conspiracy theories, at least initially? What exactly was she looking for? (I guess the answer is that she was expecting exactly the replies she got, and the purpose was to have an excuse to write back "thank you, but you have not answered my questions, I know it's all a coverup so why don't you admit it". Still, it's a bit baffling.)

  10. Chemtrails are in fact real, if you look up HR 2977 you will see them mentioned under 'exotic weapons'.

    You guys need to pull your heads out of the sand- regular contrails don't last for days and spread into clouds- regular contrails are water vapor, and don't last for more than 2 minutes. Watch the video 'don't talk about the weather'.. the government's been screwing with our weather, and spraying stuff in the air for at least 50 years.

  11. I need to remove the 'anonynous' option for posting, more often than not it is a loser comment.

    Anon - evidence or STFU.


  12. Chemtrails are real. I don't know if you see them there, but here in the US they are very common. Our leaders/ governments are trying to control every aspect of our lives including the weather. We as the people need to wake up and do a little research. There ARE side effects to being oblivious. Please people. Don't let them divide us.

    If you want to listen to the words of pilot who sprays these chemicals please watch this video.-

    Its starts slow but you will get the point.

    Thank You and I hope you can learn something from reading this.

  13. I've never seen such a weak series of comments. Almost everyone here is clearly exercising willing ignorance in order for peer acceptance. Whatever happened to objective and critical thinking. An intellectual would take controversial information and at least look at it from an independent, open minded perspective. Obviously you haven't because then you would realize that the chemtrail "conspiracy theory" is a true existing threat that is harming us as we speak. The elite have done a good job at programming us to believe that when someone speaks of subversive, dangerous and criminal acts done by people in power, that they are "conspiracy theorists". The mindlesss minds such as the ones here have been programmed to shut down as soon as someone points a finger and says "conspiracy theorist". Its almost like a hypnotist. "When I clap my hands, you will wake up and be dumber than a rock with a learning disorder".

    !Warning! Uttering the unpopular truth has been known to cost people their country club memberships and may cause rejection from other positions of high social status. For the safety of yourself and others, please remain stupid!