Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi maverickly helps to launch new blog -

Doctored CV ( is a new blog created to pull together reports from around the blogosphere which expose the falsehoods and aggrandised CVs of self-proclaimed experts in the public eye.

It seemed more than suitable to publicise this new blog in the same week that Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi (for past history of litigious and absurd behaviour see here, here, here and newspaper report here)claims he has been
formally elevated to the Hereditary Scottish Gentry. Professor Obi is to henceforth be formally styled as : The Rt Hon Laird Obi of Kincavel.
And many congratulations indeed to him for that. If you too would like to be formally elevated to the Hereditary Scottish Gentry, so you too can live in a dreamworld and get people to refer to you as Laird Of Kincavel, then please send £26.74 to these people, who will send you all the bumf and legal documents to allow you to do so. You can join the ranks of Dr Obi, lose any vestige of credibility you once had, and perhaps if you're lucky, get yourself onto!

If you have any blogposts that fit the bill for Doctored CV, leave a comment with a link and I'll take it from there. Please also add the link to your blogroll, if you have a blog.


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  1. On a related note - the latest Private Eye magazine notes that Viscount Christopher Monckton, the Lord of Climate Change Denial, once claimed in writing to be a member of the House of Lords - although he isn't and never was.

    Maybe we need a list of people who've doctored their CV to include membership in the Upper House of Parliament?

    or maybe not....