Friday, February 6, 2009

Is there a proper media lawyer in the house? Your country needs YOU

Writing on the hoof here, basic story - Jeni Barnett broadcast an unremittingly awful live phone-in show on LBC in which every piece of nonsensical and oft-refuted anti-MMR drivel got an airing.

Ben Goldacre at Bad Science posted the clip, claiming it to be:
"the most irresponsible, ill-informed, and ignorant anti-vaccination campaigning that I have ever heard on the public airwaves"

LBC lawyers have contacted him and are threatening legal action - in the same old way that Complementary and Alternative Quacks do whenever someone demonstrates their batshit insanity. They have form.

If anyone can help as a media lawyer, please offer your services via Bad Science Blog.

Lots of other people are helping promote this story:
Dr Crippen
Frank @ SciencePunk
Political Scientist
The Lay Scientist (where you can still get a copy of the program)
Jason Brown (texture like sun)

Did I mention that the newspapers are running a story about measles cases rising 38% in 2008?

There is the probability of an increased bodycount because of media stupidity like this.

EDIT: You can listen to the whole show on Wikileaks - be warned, this will raise your blood pressure and make you as angry as hell when you think of the kids getting measles (with all its associated risks) for no good reason. Gahh.



  1. Maybe you could include the wikileaks link too.