Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A tidying-up result - Science Museum remove JABS from their MMR pages.

In December, I blogged about the Science Museum's very out-of-date guide to the MMR hoax.

The website previously directed people inquiring about single vaccines and further information to the JABS, a anti-vaccine, anti-science, anti-sense site pressure group - see here for regular updates on the lunacy of the inhabitants of JABSworld.

After a complaint to Science Museum in Dec, I received today a cordial email from Holly Cave at the Science Museum letting me know that the site was historic - suggesting (I think probably correctly) that JABS hadn't necessarily shown their true colours at that time and has since morphed into this bizarre world of conspiracy and unreason. She agrees that it is 'no longer appropriate' to link to JABS and will remove the link. The pages will all be clearly datestamped to show it is really archived material rather than a current position.

So that's all good news - another little positive change made; the BBC stopped linking to JABS some time ago, which is how it should be.

RIP MMR hoax.



  1. Awesome. Another little jab in the eye for JABS....

  2. quality work - see, t'internets really do work!! good to see sense prevailing, cracking resilt dr*t!

  3. Tried to look at your link to the JABS forum, but this gives an error. In fact trying to see any of their forum gives the same error - not sure if this is just because I'm not a member or whether they are having problems or have suspended it. (You can see the topics in one section - one of them is titled "lesbian movie clips", posted by MAGS!)

    However, Yahoo's cache has the pages Dr* T refers to and a pdf can be found here.

  4. They seem to have a problem with their forum at the mo. Given what you've said look slike they may have been attacked by some porno-jackers.

    No doubt they'll blame the lizards and pharma overlords for their repression