Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Helios Homeopathy remove their Malaria sugar pills (but keep their Malarial Owl's Blood)

**UPDATE** 05/2009 - HELIOS Homeopathy no longer sell Malarial Owl's Blood on their website.

Back in Oct 2006, BBC's Newsnight broadcast an investigation by Simon Singh (in association with Sense About Science) into how some homeopaths were advising people to use homeopathic products for malaria instead of referring them to a GP or conventional travel clinics where proven effective medicines are available.

Then in April this year, BBC's southwest regional program Inside Out broadcast a piece on how Neal's Yard were selling homeopathic remedies to prevent and treat serious diseases like malaria.

The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory Agency) were pretty quick in slapping down Neal's Yard and getting them to remove the product from their shelves (although Neal's Yards press release didn't mention the MHRA demand).

In my recap of the events since the Newsnight Sting, I mentioned that Helios Homeopathy, a UK-based pill peddler, was still selling Malaria Officinalis. Thanks to a complaint to the MHRA, the link now looks like this, i.e. product gone. It seems they have also been reprimanded by MHRA and dropped the product from their range, and added the legend:
Please note that any reference to a disease name does not indicate a treatment for this disease. Helios remedies are without therapeutic indications.

Without therapeutic indications, eh? So what exactly are they for then? Or, to analyse the products a bit further what exactly is Malarial Owl Blood used for?


It has been a few years since the old double, double toil and trouble routine, but can we really be able to buy homeopathic malarial owl's blood? And what the dickens can it supposedly be used for? Funny enough, even Google only references back to Helios Homeopathy.

For once, I'm really glad there isn't the remotest chance of getting even the hint of a molecule of malarial owl's blood. Homeopathy is placebo-based nonsense, but this is just weird.



  1. Never mind, they're still selling a tetanus nosode.

  2. Why can't people leave others alone who believe in alternatives. Homeopaths or complimentary therapist never say it is an actual cure but say also see your GP. Whereas do the GP's say .... this may not be an actual cure and may cause more side effects than you have already got. They never recommend getting other treatment to aid the patient. It No. Because of the money in drugs. Natural healing has been around far longer than you were born and worked. Let people do what they want. You do what you want. All I can say is.. medicines from drug companies can be more dangerous than the natural source. Why are people so bloody ignorant of other things and try to wipe out people that are only trying to help. It is your choice whether you use it or not. Leave people alone.

  3. I take homeopathic remedies for hayfever and placebo effect or not...they do work! For hundreds of years we used aspirin (in one form or another) without knowing how it works...if now scientists don't seem convinced that they know how it works. So why not homeopathy?? You should try it sometime.

  4. Each medicin/treatment has its own value, just leave people to their believe

  5. live and let live!!!! there are alternatives to everything...freedom of choice...

  6. yes i agree with the last few posts..i use and have used . herbal and homeopathic remedies for many years and so have my children, i have proven by usinig them that they work ..and often times there is no solution offered from a gp other than pain killers or anti biotics to suppress the symptoms... i don't beleive in that system and do not want to support the drug companies in profitting out of dis ease.
    a grandmother

  7. No I'm afraid I don't agree. Freedom of choice is nonsense unless it is freedom of informed choice.

    If a quack (or big pharma for that matter - most pills, complementary or otherwise have big pharma input somewhere) tells you that something will work without evidence, then they shouldn't be believed. Similarly, what contitutes useful evidence is also more important. Personal anecdot at best will give an idea that may be worth testing, but on its own is practically useless.

    If someone has been badly informed, then I don't agree with your right wing suggestion that they should accept the consequences of their 'stupidity'. They should be offered an unbiased, informed choice.

    Why is it OK to give profits of "dis ease" to e.g. homeopathic company Boiron ($500,000,000 turnover) and not to a any other company? Double standards based on faulty logic!

  8. Why can't we leave the homeopaths alone? This is why: http://tinyurl.com/scrayen (PDF).

    Suddenly it's not funny any more.

  9. One word thalidamide. Dont tell me that conventional medicines are researched fully. Vaccines costing pence are sold to NHS for hundreds. there is more than enough for any doctor to do investigating their own dirty washing. I turned to homeopathic remedies when conventional had given up and was coninced it woulent work, have since used both types of medicine and throw down paracetamol, antibiotics and homeopathic medicine only as needed but use the best proven (by me for me..) product. Guess what? they both work.

  10. THalidomide:


    Thanks for your anon anecdote. I hope you never get sick and need real medicine, and if you do, I hope you are treated more pleasantly than you treat others.