Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Back-Cracking Quack Attack

Just a quickie - the New Zealand Medical Journal recently published an article by Andrew Gilbey which had an editorial by Improbable Science blog-ninja, David Colquhoun, which is here. The article discussed chiropractic and how it has extremely limited benefit and why they shouldn't be using the title 'Dr'.

Avid readers of this blog will no doubt remember "Dr" Christian Farthing, a spinal cracker who claimed to be a Doctor, but "not a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Medical Doctor". Perhaps this example demonstrates why DC has a very valid point.

The New Zealand Medical Journal have now received a letter from Quack Defender, Paul Radich, representing the New Zealand Chiropractors Association Inc. threatening legal proceedings unless a retraction is made.

Of course, these things have a habit of backfiring - remember Society of Homeopaths, Odd Obi, herbal blood cleanser Ann Walker - all ended in bloggers winning and the quacks losing more face, ground and credability than they'll ever realise.

Frank Frizelle, the editor of NZMJ, has robustly defended the journal (here - pdf alert) finishing with an imperfectly glorious phrase:

Let's hear your evidence, not your legal muscle

Imperfect, because I wish he'd written 'see' rather than 'hear' as hearing legal muscle doesn't work for me. Has anyone seen my anti-pedantry pills?

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  1. It's Friday, it's 5 O'Clock, it's time for Quack Attack!

  2. Damnit, took me ages to find a title for my post on the BCA which wasn't too similar to any of the ones I'd already seen and now I find you beat me to it, and did it far better, over a week before.