Thursday, July 3, 2008

Theory #1 (revisited)

Along time ago, when I was much greener at this blogging game, I postulated that

Any tabloid heading that starts 'Is this....', 'Could this be...' etc. can be safely answered 'No'

Usually from the hallowed pages of the Daily Mail, things like this often arise in the red tops with disappointing frequency.

I thought it was perhaps worth a revisit, as the urge to ask these sort of questions is no longer limited to the tabloids - the Guardian is getting in on the act with such wonders as

Is watermelon the new Viagra?

So it's perhaps less fawning the average DM entry, but still utterly pointless.

EDITED 8/7/08: Thanks to Rachel on this post for introducing this Daily Mail Headline Generator. All in the form of questions, all politely following Dr* T's First Theory ;)

1 comment:

  1. That was a spectacularly silly item that was only given house-room because of the salacious nature of the item - but more Naughty Seaside postcards than anything.

    There is a good blog post on Save the press in the NYT. However, items like this watermelon story make one wonder why?