Friday, June 20, 2008

Homeopathy Unawareness Week

In case you didn't know (and apart from knowledgeable bloggers and sugar-pill providers, you probably didn't) it was Homeopathy Awareness Week this week, from the 14th - 21st June 2008.

Although I am fairly biased in my view, it's pretty clear that the week was largely a waste of time and went unnoticed by the general public.

It's hardly an ASTM method, I know, but a pretty good way of finding out how successful your media campaign was, is to use Google.

As I write this (17.11pm 20th June 2008) the Google return for "Homeopathy Awareness Week" gives the following results:

1. Society of Homeopaths website and their PR for this momentous week.
2. The Quackometer's excellent article on "Self Awareness in Homeopathy Awareness Week"
3. PR Newswire story with information of Homeopathy Awareness Week 2002
4. The NHS National Library for Health's entry on Homeopathy Awareness Week 2007
5. Apathy Sketchpad's comprehensive roundup of misconceptions of homeopathy in the media this week.
6. The Skeptic Magazine newspaper - against homeopathy
7. "Journey Through a Burning Mind" blog spelling out how nonsense homeopathy is - and it's directed at World Homeopathy Awareness Week last April.

So, in the three horse race of homeopathy vs Science vs irrelevant information, I would say the score is 1 : 4 : 2. Way to go, PR!

I think it's clear that Homeopathy Awareness Week has passed by without anyone realising it, and if it wasn't for Bad Science bloggers pointing out the nonsense of trying to cure diseases using sugar pills, I'm not sure even the homeopaths would have known.


  1. I wrote to my local paper last month.
    They haven't replied to me, but they haven't printed any H puff pieces.

  2. It does seem to have been a bit of a failure, which is nice.

    If you go here you'll see that the folks at Homeopathy: Medicine for the 21st Century were trying to get 250,000 people to sign a declaration that homeopathy worked for them by this week.

    It seems that they've only managed to collect 11,326 signatures. But perhaps they're more powerful because there are fewer of them, etc etc...


  4. Hi She-liger,

    I've left a comment on your site - just for future reference, dropping a weblink with no comment can come across as a bit sniffy :)


  5. The fewer people who know about this the more powerful it becomes. When it becomes so diluted that Homeopathy Awareness Week no longer exists then all known illnesses in the universe will be simultaneously cured! Bwahahahaha!!

  6. A good round-up. May all other such awareness and promotion weeks go the same way.

  7. I spit at your homeopathy! :(
    I want to work in good science!

  8. Em....thank, sort of, for your post. Not sure what your point is (again) but I had a quick look at your blog. I think possibly you could (with respect) do with taking a nice long stroll on the beach then retiring to the sofa with some cocoa and getting a good night's sleep.

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