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ScienceMangle™ - The UK is unregulated. (A Case Study with Artrosilium)

I've introduced the ScienceMangle™ before, when discussing the Daily Mail's herculean effort to categorise everything in the known world in to either cancer-causing or cancer-curing pigeonholes.

However, I thought it was time to dust it down and see if it still works.

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I've been in discussion with the MHRA - the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency regarding yet another natural wonderdrug for arthritis.

Let me introduce you to Artrosilium. It is one in a very long line of dodgy products aimed at the 5 million or so Britons who have arthitis or similar diseases. Your humble blogger is sadly included in that statistic.

There is no cure for arthritis and so depending on the severity (very mild in my case) sufferers adhere to an often complicated regime of pain management, that can be seemingly affected by small changes in diet, the weather, possibly even aliens.

(This last one, incidentally, is proof of someone's rule - I'll call it Dr* T's Second Rule until someone corrects me - whereby regardless of what you imagine, someone on the net has already written about it. Perhaps I have a limited imagination).

Anyway, Artrosilium is being sold via a website, which to me indicates a UK company, and I was a) not convinced that the product had any efficacy, and b) concerned that the website made unsubstantiated claims with no real proof or indeed the direction to find the proof.

So, I started by sending a letter to the MHRA outlining my concerns. Initially, they told me it was a Guernsey based company and not under MHRA control, although they would inform the authorities.

Since I started my conversation with MHRA regarding Artsosilium, the website undertook an overhaul. Previously it had claims of being "The Proven Natural Remedy for Arthritis", which has now become "Guaranteed Arthritis Relief". A subtle change from remedying the arthritis itself, to remedying the pain from arthritis. Baby steps no less. However even the 'alleviation of pain' is not proven or backed up anywhere on the site.

The claims that
"Although Artrosilium was initially developed to treat arthritis, more and more customers are reporting that it relieves other ailments such as skin irritation, burns, sunburn, insect bites, herpes and even prostate problems – so this really could be a “miracle cure”.
have also been removed.

Nonetheless, I persevered with MHRA to find out what they would do about a company advertising pain relief for Arthritis on a website using a gel that contains silica (without going into the details of how this will be transported to the desired area).

This was their reply:

The UK address I identified at the beginning of my investigation turned out to be that of a web-designer working on behalf of a Swiss Company. It therefore seems that the companies associated with artrosilium are not based in the UK which makes enforcement of UK medicines legislation almost impossible. However, I have written to the regulatory authorities in both Guernsey and Switzerland to ask them to investigate whether the product and its advertising comply with any relevant legislation. Realistically, in the absence of a UK presence for the company placing Artrosilium on the market I do not think there is any further action I can take.

I am sorry to send you what will seem a very disappointing reply.

Now, the updated website has indeed changed its address from Guernsey to Switzerland but is still linking to books about nonsense like:

How to get rid of Arthritis and Rheumatism by Robert Dehin

which is also a website.

We have a framework in this country for regulating medicines and healthcare products. I want to know that if I buy something medicinal in UK, it has been through the relevant tests for efficacy, safety etc. and I can rely on bodies like MHRA to ensure that rogue traders are dealt with efficiently.

However, it appears that this is not the case. In my mind, anyone selling a product on a website should come fully under the authority of the UK and its agents.

The MHRA has admitted that does not happen. I think that is dangerous - next stop, parliament.

EDIT (30/5/08): I'm getting there, things are starting to move. In the mean time, it turns out that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has already pulled ARTROSILIUM up for talking rubbish, making nonsense claims and not backing anything up. This product really is dubious - yet this company is making money from vulnerable people.

EDIT (15/9/08): IntraMed have once again been censured by the ASA for their product Ginkgo Biloba. Same old same old.


  1. bravo, what a great investigation.

  2. Aye, excellent work indeed!

  3. It is possible to control and even heal arthritis through proper diet. The main problem is that our inflammatory systems are compromised through our modern Western diet. This balance can be restored and with it virtually all inflammatory disease.


  4. Hi Tonie,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Interesting point, although I see you are selling pills on the site you linked to. You state:

    "The good news is that the condition [Rheumatoid arthritis] can be alleviated by correcting our diet, exercise and proper weight management"

    So you've committed the same crime as above - conflating (accidentally or otherwise) disease with the pain associated with the disease.

    Also you use arthritis to only mean rheumatoid arthritis, when in fact osteoarthritis is a completely different disease.

    You are welcome to comment, to please don't link to your pill sales - it's not quite in keeping with the site!



  5. Having just received a free sample and offer to commit a significant amount of money I was in aghast to see the signature in the guarantee of Peter Marshall. If my memory serves correct is this not the same person who ran a catalogue business known as Marshall's. Intersting the address is marketed to read St Lukes House. Sorry readers just suspicious.

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    I'd be really interested in seeing the packaging and marketing etc. Any way you could scan it in or anything?



  7. I have had pain in my wrist the past few days. This was brought on by using one of those hand "strenthening" gyroscope excercise balls. I am only 30 and am not atheritic (though I do have some sort of general joint problem). I am writing because a few minutes after applying some of this smelly gel to my wrist, the pain actually subsided. That was 4 or 5 hours ago and as yet it has not returned. I've tried it on a few other aches and pains and have not had the same effect. I am in no way endorsing this product but all the same felt I should write.

  8. Thanks Michael. Artrosilium contains Meadowsweet which contains the precursors to aspirin, so it may well be providing some temporary pain relief. The problem is, they do not have a license to sell it in the UK because of this! If you want to put unregulated, untested, unqualified products on your skin, that's up to you!


  9. Unable to scan at the moment. there has been a significant improvment to a swelling on the back of the hand. I.e the imflammation has reduced. However we believe that like a suntan if you look good you feel good. What is frightening is the pushy sales after two days to ask you to purchase. hey com'on If the product is so good then sales surely will roll in to their offices. Slick advertising, pressure sales, and a product without an index under UK medical standards.

  10. Thanks for your site, I was about to waste some hard earned cash on "Artrosilium" when I caught sight of your comments, while looking where & how to buy the product. You made me come to my senses.

    Mr Gullible

  11. Should have said previously, the has ow been closed down following (I presume) an investigation by the MHRA, prompted by this site.

  12. Interesting! Having seen a full page advert in Saga Magazine (Current issue), I was about to send for the free sample. Looked to see prices and for further info first. The Artrosilium web site is closed down, and I'm not tempted to go further after the info I've read here. Thanks!
    Isn't glucosomine (1,500 mg a day) the best for osteoarthritis? It's helped me, and I get it free on prescription - I live in Wales.

  13. Hi Marg,

    Thanks for the comments - I'll maybe look up the Saga magazine!

    With regards to glucosamine, neither NICE nor NHS recommend glucosamine for care and management of osteoarthritis - I've written a blurb about that here.

    Hopefully someday we'll be buy something with actual clinical evidence of combatting osteoarthtritis rather than the myriad products which claim to do something with little or no proof.


  14. My husband and I were given a small sample of Artrosilium by our doctor who had used it as a last resort on another of her patients who had had surgery etc for a damaged shoulder and was suffering a lot of pain. It was the only product out of a long list of medications that gave relief.
    We have used it in our family and have all gained releif for whatever type of pain we have used it for. Our doctor hasn't bought any yet and neither have we as we can't find the appropriate web site either. However we do have an Australian address to post away for (albeit a PO Box) so I am going to write and see what information I can get and an order form and price list. It will be interesting.

  15. My mum used it after her physiotherapist told her to try it and did get relief from arthritis.

    I have been using it for a few weeks now on the knuckle in my big toe (i broke it about 10 years ago and it now has arthritis in it) and the redness has reduced and it isn't as swollen. Also been rubbing into my fingernails which were extremely soft and peeled. They appear to be strengthening up and not delaminating like they use to. Julie

    seems this site is selling the product to UK people only. I'm seeking a street address in australia for this Peter Marshall guy, anyone know of a street address for queensland?


    the Uk is the place where they are flogging artrosilium they just keep changing and creating websites.

  18. Hi Anonymous,

    Health & Harmony is owned by the same company as is trying to peddle Artrosilium - more on that on this blogpost


  19. I suffer painful arthritis as a result of an accident, I have tried it and it does give relief...stop using it and the pain returns...So who do you believe...the blogger or the person who can now walk to the shops.

  20. Anonymous AKA Artrosilium Sales Manager :o)

  21. I Have been using artrosilium for six week now and i have to say it works for me my knee has been great i can now enjoy walking

  22. i used a sample of this gel sent to me. It worked. I have dreadful sickle-cell anaemia pains sometimes. I rubbed it on my mothers toes - she has diabetes and it worked. Some time later more communications arrived through my door - £97 for a tube. I was willing to pay it. BUT another came asking £25 for two tubes of the large size. I wrote off straight away with my cheque. It was cashed but until today I have not received the product. Scammed.

  23. Thanks for your Investigation....the product is now being marketed in New Zealand ...all the same details, including Peter Marshall. I was checking the net for further information, having recieved the free sample and order form,along with the Price!( NZ$254 for 6 months supply-a big initial outlay)! I will keep trying the sample...but this is dodgy marketing..if the product is really good why not make it available by normal retail outlets?

  24. I have used Artrosilium now for a period of about 6 months. I was unable to sleep on my right side because of the pain extending down from my right knee into the right side of my shin.I do have some arthritis in my knees and I suffer from joint pain in other parts of my body that are not caused by arthritis. Using Artro silium on my knee has taken away the pain and enabled me to sleep on that side. I tried it on my tennis elbow and it had no effect. I think it is important to remember that some things work for some people and some things work in certain parts of the body and not in others. When my mother bought me this Artrosilium I told her to stop wasting her money, as I was quite sceptical about these claims. However, I am now most grateful to her. I've tried glucosamine and it did not help at all. My advice is to give it a go if you haven't found anything else that works. I'm going to get another tube now. The large tube, though expensive, has lasted me this long. Good luck!

  25. Like several people who have posted on the Artrosilium / IntraMed thread I have received a free sample, tried it on my hands - and it worked.
    But something about the publicity rang warning bells - but for the relief of mild arthritic pain in my hands I would have said 'scam'. So many addresses, locations etc.???
    The one I have is IntraMed Ltd, St Luke's House, London Road, Copford CO6 1BJ. Orderline: 0870 120 1547.
    If they are legit, why no website URL on the publicity? Has anyone successfully purchased any from this company? Or know of another source?

  26. I am using ArtroSilium and so is my mum, and quite frankly it is an excellent relief. When you can barely walk, it is life changing!
    Best wishes

  27. I have been given some printed information about this product and it displays the telephone number given in a previous post and the prices are the same as the web site(uk) shown in all my searches for information with regard to finding a product which will bring some relief to pain suffered by my Mother.I have read all the posts and now have to make a descision , to try or not to try? to buy or not.... the person who gave me this printed info , displaying prices and the source from which she bought this product has had some relief,and has received the product from this source without any trouble,but is it a scam ?should i try it? having said all this it is just like all the other products on the market just a new one sooooo we are all searching.Even if it was on sale over the counter as we say it would be the same descision.

  28. My mother received a free sample of this Artrosilium and has used it sucessfully to decrease the pain in her wrist. As the tube was nearly finished she decided to send off for the offer of 6 tubes for the price of NZ$254-00 paying by cheque. This was on the 10 August 2009. To date the cheque has not been cleared and she has not yet received the Artrosilium either. Peter Marshall is the contact and he is using the company name Evion Group with a P.O. Box 83070 in Johnsonville Wellington N.Z. Unfortuneately we have been unable to find anything on the website (thats how I came accross this site). We have suggested she check with her bank and if the cheque hasn't cleared, cancel it. Just feels dodgy because of the lack of a physical address. cheers

  29. Hi,
    I received a free offer of artosilium and their newsletter in my post today 30/10/09.I looked in vain for a website address or some other verification.Nothing.I get very suspicious when i see this kind of thing so looked it up on Google and came across your site.Job well done and thanks for taking the time to uncover this product.
    I think a good rule of thumb is to leave a thing when you smell a rat!

  30. HI Peter,

    Thanks for that - praise always welcome :)

    If you want to scan in the newsletter and email it to thinkingisdangerousblog AT googlemail DOT com , I'd happily do another post on it.


  31. Just received my free sample.
    Address.Intramed Ltd.St Lukes house. London road Copford co6 ibj
    Hthis helps

  32. just received my free sample. Will try it out and post if successful or not, however judging by other comments where people are not receiving their goods promptly It'll take a lot of convincing before I shell out nearly £100. If its that good they'd sell a tube at a time since customers would still come back

  33. "Peter Marshall is the contact and he is using the company name Evion Group with a P.O. Box 83070 in Johnsonville Wellington N.Z. Unfortuneately we have been unable to find anything on the website (thats how I came accross this site). We have suggested she check with her bank and if the cheque hasn't cleared, cancel it. Just feels dodgy because of the lack of a physical address. cheers"

    Evion Group appear to have done a mail out for The Ionic Bracelet, this time with another address - P O Box 210020 Laurence Stevens Drive, Manukau 2154 and 0800 277 778 as contact number. Again there is no registered NZ company for this outfit & nothing on the people behind it

    1. They are still doing mail outs for a free sample here in New Zeland
      Company name is: Meditus Corp
      Box 210024,
      Laurence Stevens Drive,
      Manuaku 2154
      Phone 0800 766 722

  34. mm nov 2009
    Received my free sample, which I think did relieve pain, along with this was some information. I then received a second letter with an order form. As I was thinking about ordering I received a phone call offering extra tubes of Artrosilium and some sort of liquid preparation he then very quickly checked my address and requested credit card details. Alarm bells rang and I said I would phone back which I did but no reply or answerphone. On checking the web for the product and reading the comments I am glad I did nothing about it

  35. This product has just surfaced in New Zealand so it's good to get this sort of inforation before I commit any money which I will not.


  36. It may be a scam but my 70 y/o friend uses it on her knee and says her scans show her cartelege has plumped up. Her Dr was so impressed he asked for the address to get some for is mother.

  37. Have just received my free sample. Haven't noticed any difference in pain. Address quoted: Intramed Ltd, Ville Amphrey, St Martins, GY4 3DT (Guernsey)

  38. Good job, that was a great investigation.

  39. I have just received a special issue of a newsletter relating to the natural reief of arthritis edited by one Dr. Anton Robinson. Included in the envelope was a copy of a newsletter for "Users of Artrosilium", signed by Peter Marshall and published by Meditus Corp, with a postal address PO Box, Craigieburn, VIC 3064. Australia. As always I check such publications and their products online. This time I found your site and found the various comments highly enlightening. I intend to send for the free sample and try it out on my knee. I will keep the site informed. In the meantime I will look up Medicus Corp on the net.
    Russell Dorey

  40. The ingredients look fair enough for a try. How can it be risky to send for a free sample? They already have your address. I won't buy it though as I think they should show a physical address. Perhaps they will get the message that people want that , if they are legitimate. I bought a microdoctor through Evian Group in Australia.

  41. Received the same newsletter in the mail from Peter Marshall, same address as described by Russell above.

    Bob W Perth WA

  42. Joan said,

    received newsletter in Q/Land, same address as above, reads fantastic, sent for sample 3 weeks ago, no product yet. I wonder !!

    Joan Queensland

  43. Have just phoned Meditus order-line No and was connected to Hong Kong area, postal address is Victoria, Australia. Asked about a price list and web site, neither was available except that price list could mentioned via the Phone. The product appears to work, the lack of company info for me is the problem and I am reluctant to give out financial details as a result.

  44. hi Peter Marshall! If you are reading these comments, why can't a Cash on Delivery arrangement be made? My sample tube definitely works, but having read the comments regarding payment and no delivery, I will not be sending for more...Lynn

  45. if you believe it helps the pain carry on with it but now im not buy any more since read this from people who cant get proof of whos fooling who im useing froozing peas does a good job at easeing pain in hip b ye. its mind over matter bye

  46. For many years I have suffered with a very strange sensation in my toes not painful though very uncomfortable.Then Some months back I found myself in dreadful pain particularly with my right foot. The toes on both of my FEET FELT like they had been slammed in a car door Walking was dreadful my doctor sent me to the foot clinic every think he suggested only made the pain worse. Apparently my big toe has seized so to speak and will not bend at all. That is only part of the problem that he has diagnosed so far. What the rest is I really do not know. However a relation of mine gave me some ARTRO SILIUM I have found this the only thing to give me any relief. For the first time in years the strange numbing tingling and creepy Crawley feeling I had in all 8 of my small toes disappeared. When it starts to come back this gel is the only option to make it disappear.ARTRO SILIUM has also given my big toe great relief. I am sure to that if I used this gel more often I would get even greater relief without the problem returning within a few weeks of me not using the gel. I was given a tube with just a small amount in it so I have been using it startlingly

  47. Well Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!! I used Artrosilium cream on my knees for a number of years because my job had me on my knees a lot of the time. I had been under the specialist for knee problems to absolutely no avail whatsoever and then I found this cream-within three days of using it I'd stopped limping! So where do I get it now? Interfering busybodies!
    Vincent Totally pissed off Griffith.

  48. My wife has been using Artro Silium for over 12yrs and she swears by it, It is not a cure for her osteoarthritis but, it does give her a lot of relief and also her Arthritis the last time she ordered she was told Artro Silium was being discontinued and there was another product which was far better called Flexilica which she tried but,is nowhere near as good as Artro Silium. Now the problem is going to be where are we going to find a genuine supplier.
    Why can we not get this product accepted in the UK,is it because it is so good the drug companies are afraid it will effect their own product sales.

  49. Hi Bill,

    Your comments didn't appear because I don't moderate comments 24 hours a day! No need to accuse me of the silly things you did in the posts (which all said variations on the post above, so I haven't included them).

    You have weird sense of how things work - the reason why Artrosilium isn't sold in the UK IS BECAUSE THE ARTROSILIUM MANUFACTURER DOESN'T WANT IT TO BE. Otherwise, they would apply and go through the regulations like everyone else.

    There's no need to hare off on a silly conspiracy about drug companies, the quacks don't want to be shown as quacks, so stick internet sales where quality, evidence, and customer service are entirely optional.

    And just on that point, go and read a good book on economics and how the world works - if a drug was shown to work and was not being marketed in the UK, you can guarantee that a drug company will make sure it does, because that's how profit is made.


  50. Hi Dr*T
    Thanks for you letter, perhaps I did go overboard a little with my comments but I was getting a bit a agitated that it seemed I was being ignored after having a similar experience a few days earlier with another web inquiry which turned out to be a bit of a scam.
    I expected to see a answer almost straight away as with most posts that I have made. I was sat like a nana waiting for a reply to appear, could I ask you would be possible for you to make it more clear that a post would appear as and when you have had the opportunity to review, as you are not available 24 hrs a day, or something like that.
    It might be that the company that produce Artrosilium may have some doubtful products and they do need sorting out but, it's a very dispointing that the one product that I know to be good is now banned from the uk, I have read through all of the comments and nowhere can I find a message that shows this product to be dangerous in fact it is a very good advert for all the good it has done in the the past, I say the past because now it cannot be bought in the UK, it leaves a situation wide open for anyone trying to buy to be conned out their money by fake sites.
    I can understand that we do need to have regulations and controls but, surely there should be ways of short cutting these regulations for products that have already proved to be safe over a number of years.

  51. I have used Artrosilium on and off over the past couple of years and it seems to relieve pain and stiffness. I am not aware of anybody who has been harmed by artrosilium apart perhaps from being a few pounds lighter in the bank account. Like several of your respondants I was dubious but tried a free sample and as it seemed to work I bought a tube or three, and my wife also uses it. Now we cannot buy it in UK, so bully for you, you have stopped us buying a perfectly harmless and possibly efficacious product. It is extreemly difficult to evaluate effectiveness in conditions as subjective as arthritis and joint stiffness, but as I said before Artrosilium is safe, and if, for example, aspirin were to be introduced as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic it would be banned because of its bad side effects (although it is still a useful medicine!) Yes there are plenty of useless and potentiallly harmful remedies being peddled on the internet and elsewhere but I do not think that you have helped anybody by helping to make Artrosilium unavailable in UK. After all, if it did not work nobody would buy a second tube!

  52. HA ha ha ha ha ha ha - Thanks David! Gave me a good laugh. TO think that a little blogger like me could stop the sale of an amazing arthritis treatment. Don't be so silly.

    Why not ask they company why they won't comply with UK regs? (The MHRA have already said they don't see any reason it wouldn't be registered)Why not aske the company why they won't comply with UK advertising legislation which ensures people don't get ripped off? Why don't you ask the company why they will only sell it via the web from foreign countries rather than demonstrate they have a safe manufacturing process?

    You can blame me if you want (bizarre), but you're letting the real villains off the hook. You reckon if someone has a great product for arthritis they should be allowed to murk in the shadows?

    Grow up.


  53. Walt from Florida: Just received a very complete booklet by "Dr. Anton Robinson second edition upgraded and enlarged" Published by The National Health Press.(no address) Physical address Zurich Biopharmacals, 1285 Baring Blvd. #316, Sparks NV. Phone 1800-216-2605, accepting Visa or Mastercard offering free trials which if using credit card will, after trial period will be billed automatically at 3 month intervals. If paying by check, you will be billed for each. (presume can stop by not paying, or by notice if on the plan). Guarantee full refund if not delighted.
    There are many testimonials and even a bibliography, 24 cites where the treatment is supposedly referenced. This ad also offers organic silica capsules 1 twice daily plus the Gel. Good luch. I have not decided yet what I will do, but I will probably do the trial by check pay since stopping payment should end the affair.

  54. On request from my mother, and against my better judgement when I looked at the ingredients, I bought some of this for her. No effect. Since then I have been plagued by calls from sales people trying to sell it again saying that they have a 'stronger product'. I just feel sorry for all those vulnerable people that allow themselves to be scammed by such dodgy companies.

  55. On 23rd June 2012 I emailed and asked if FX-SILICA the same thing as FLEXILICA and is it the same as ARTOSILIUM except it has Glucosamine and Chondroitin added. I told them I wanted to order 3 tubes, one to go to Western Australia and two to go to South Australia and asked what the postage cost would be.

    They did not have the courtesy to reply and because I could not find anyone else selling FLEXILICA I ordered 6 tubes of FX-SILICA from them on 29th June 2012 and paid 111.95 pounds ($A176.76) by Visa Card.

    By 9th July I had not received any acknowledgement of my purchase or that my order had been processed so I started hunting them down. This turned out to be a hard task because they appear to take steps to hide their identity or contact details. FX-SILICA, FXSILICA and HEALTH BROADCAST did not appear in any searches of the British register of business or trade names or in the Business Names in the online BT Telephone Directory. Eventually I found a phone number in another person’s online complaint about them, so I rang them to be told my order had been shipped on the 5th July. No apology for not communicating with me – in fact complete indifference.

    My order did not arrive until 25th July so apparently it must have been sent by surface mail. There is nothing on their site to substantiate their claim that they advised me to allow 28 days for delivery. Overall their service has been abysmal and it appears they are a company that takes steps to make sure they are hard to locate.

    It is worth noting that none of their following sites provide contact details – despite some offering money-back deals! note a search of the internet for Professor Carl Arjane touted on this site yields a lot of negative responses.

    Here are some of the many identities I have found for them:
    Health Broadcast, Colchester.
    Health Broadcast, Health Solutions, Greatbridge Road, Romsey, Hampshire.
    Health Broadcast, Windbatch House, Whitechapel Lane, Oldford, Frome, Somerset.
    Phone numbers 0808 208 9190 and 0808 156 9099 selling an extract from a plant that grows like a weed in anyone’s garden!
    You can find a list of their many overpriced scams on - note the implication that they are doctors.

  56. I am in NZ and received my free sample tube of Artrosilium 20ml yesterday, 30th Jan 2013, after sending away for it late last year after receiving a personally addressed letter.
    The Order info in the newest letter says 'Save $100, 6Mth supply $254 (6xtubes)P&P incl. Amount payable to Meditus Corp. Allow 2-3 wks for delivery. Peter Marshall guarantees it and the return Address on the reply envelope is a Manukau, Auckland PO Box 210024 in Laurence Stevens Drive.
    As there are two call free numbers on the tube (Aust & NZ) I rang the NZ one this morning to find out the size of tube they're selling for $42.33 ea. I got an answer ph mssge saying open from 12pm - 9pm. Rang back after lunch and the call transferred once, then to another customer services representative. A young man answered with very good English but with a slight accent. He told me the Tube size was 150ml. I asked him where in the Country or World I had got through to and he said the Hong Kong Office. So there you are.
    I've put a bit on my knee that gives me twinges now and then (I try and look after my nutrition for my joints (Fish Oil Omega 3 & Glucosamine & Condroitin), but thought I'd try this product to see what happens.
    The envelope has a Customs Declaration on the back (Merchandise - Skin Cream)& the front has Postage Paid Hong Kong (AirMail), Permit No 4433. The Address is PO BOx 11459, GPO, Hong Kong.
    What would happen if I sent in a payment I have no idea. the accompanying literature gives no physical address/es or Websites though the initial letter mentions Swiss and German Doctors from memory.

  57. Same as above, I am in NZ and received the free tube which I received today.Apparently it can treat psoriasis according to previous literature.Not sure if it said 'cure', I didn't retain it. I will be interested to see any result. Thanks for the warnings about follow up calls etc.