Monday, March 31, 2008

The Rise & Fall of Lifestyle Nutritionists

Just a quick note to say that Ben Goldacre's excellent series on the The Rise Of Lifestyle Nutritionists continues on BBC Radio 4 tonight (31/03/08) at 8.00pm.

Because of the unique way the BBC is funded (i.e. by ME) it means that non-Brits can still get access to all the good stuff that BBC churns out (and the not so good stuff) by using the BBCi Player.

EDIT: Apparently you can't! BBC iPlayer is only for UK, however you will be able to listen to the show from outside UK using the BBC's Listen Again function, but only for 7 days!

It has already ruffled a few feathers of old friend Patrick Holford (Pilltrick to his friends) as has been blogged by HolfordWatch.

Should make for entertaining listening :)

EDIT: Join the discussions here


  1. How do you get BBC - iplayer to work from an overseas IP? I tried to access it a couple of weeks ago while away on a trip, and it blocked me saying it was only available to UK residents.

    The radio listen again works abroad, but not, I think, iplayer.

  2. Apologies - my bad. Indeed the iPlayer is only available in UK (see here. An international one is being looked into - I thought they had already done that bit :oops:

    You are right in that Listen Again is available outside UK.

    I've amended the post.