Monday, February 18, 2008

Netcetera condemn themselves as pathetic caitiffs

As a psychic, I can read your mind. You are asking "What in the name of The Holy Quackometer is a 'caitiff'?"

Well, if truth be told, I hadn't come across the word before either, but it means 'cowardly and despicable'. Lilly livered. Shit-yer-pants yellow belly. Still, everyday is a school day.

As blogged humbly on this site here and here, Netcetera who used to host the excellent Quackometer site have pulled the plug on their nethosting responsibilities due to WonderQuack Joseph Chikelue Obi's off-the-wall attempt to stop it from revealing some of the more 'interesting' sides of his 'enterprise'.

I have no doubt that The Quackometer will be back up and running in a few days, so no real drama to report, but Netcetera, to you I award Dr* T's first ever award for Spineless Caitiffery.

At least one of those words is possibly made-up.

Others who are also laughing at Netcetera are:

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  1. Temporarily misread this as catamites rather than caitiffs. As you were, Netcetera.

  2. Well, my next project is to use caitiff in a casual conversation. Maybe I can bring up the subject of Netcetera. Nice post Dr*T.

  3. Catamites? No, no. That word could easily cause much more legal action than what we're seeing already :)

    Ambrielle - let me know how you get on... I might have a crack a shoehorning it into conversation today as well.

  4. The Positive Internet Company are going to host them instead, after they've converted to GNU/Linux from their previous Windows framework.

    The "Professor" has already pre-threatened Positive. Nice chap.