Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snooze you lose... (and an update on WonderQuack Obi)

I was sleeping, hence I lost. Well, not so much sleeping as working and not so much losing as watching excellent stories appear hither and thither that would have been the bread & butter of blog entries here, being blogged more clearly, more cleverly and humorously elsewhere.

Since the fun and games with WonderQuack "Dr" Joseph Chikelue Obi, we have had lots of fun from the usual outlets.

The outcome of the WonderQuack Joseph Chikelue Obi debacle was interesting. The Quackometer post which initially caused the hoo-haa was removed from by Google themselves. Now, a quick search of for "Joseph Chikelue Obi" brings up no less than 7 reprints of the offending blog in the top 10. Hoorah!

I count that as a result not only against the sabre-rattling bullyboy tactics of WonderQuack Joseph Chikelue Obi but also against the yellow-bellied brownpants that deemed it suitable to be removed from The Quackometer has also found a few anomalies regarding the way Obi does his business, along with his hard-to-find brother.

In the end, about 40 or so blogs carried the story in a wonderful "I'm Spartacus" sort of way. WonderQuack Joseph Chikelue Obi looked at it differently. Or at least, his messenger is not to be trusted:

When I was told that the Enemies of Alternative Medicine had recruited 5000 (Five Thousand) Bloggers to write rubbish about me 24 hours a day , ( every single day of the year ) , I said OK . . . Let's wait and see precisely what they will say


Hmmm.....perhaps more time doing sums and less time in suspended paranoia would be more fruitful.

Now , after speedreading almost everything that they have written ... I have reached the simple conclusion that their plan has massively backfired ; as all that their 5000 Blogposts have done is provide me with even more ammunition for my Multiple Lawsuits . . . both against the Hosting Company of the Defamatory Blog Itself and the General Medical Council.

Speedreading 5000 blogs? That is a lie. For two reasons. Anyway, I'm bored with Obi.

What's the point of spending time with a bonkers Walter Mitty type character like Obi when we can
A) sing the high praises of the ASA (again) for slapping down Health Products for Life (with Patrick Holford's face on them) for making unsubstantiated claims and not telling the truth.

B) Be gladdened that the NHS is deciding that homeopathy is not where public money should be spent

C) Be filled with cheer that (although not a patch on the ASA), Trading Standards can show some balls when they need to and close down conmen selling cancer cures.

Much, much more invigorating. Problem is, with all these success stories of honesty, integrity and good guys winning, it's hard to keep up.

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  1. Yes - very encouraging.

    In the most offhand way, you have mentioned a pet peeve - people who speed read. I am sick of people telling me that they can speed read who 'read' a report and tell me that something is missing. I say, "No it isn't, it's pages X-Y". They then chuckle self-deprecatingly and say, "Well, it can't have been written strongly enough or I would have remembered it".

    At this point, I leave the room to avoid shoving the manuscript down their gullets. Supposedly, in competitions of the wretched activity, the 'best' speed-readers have a reading comprehension of somewhere in the 60%s. There is an awful lot that you miss.

    I shall go and listen to some healing drums or something.