Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not big and not clever.

Am crazy busy, so will just put the nub of the heart of the gist up, without my usual wibblings.

Equazen Eye Q (TM) adverts have been given a roasting by the Advertising Standards Agency here:

The final paragraph says it all:

We told Equazen to remove the claims "... may help maintain concentration levels and healthy brain development", "the Clever Capsule"Scientifically tested in schools", "proven in schools" and "proven by Science" from future advertising for eye q. We also told them to avoid implying in future that the advertised product could benefit the general population or that a trials results related to a product with exactly the same composition and dosage as the advertised product if that was not the case

The Durham Fish Oil 'trials' were a joke and the company is the leading the PseudoScientific charge. Not very clever.

EDIT: Should say, as sadly often is the case, that pesky duck has blogged this more eruditely and fully than I ever could here :)

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