Thursday, September 27, 2007

Theory #1.

Hot-diggedy. You go thirty years without a single blog and then you do two in one night. Crazy.

Anyway, here is my first theory (I'll be interested in all examples that provide proof or otherwise):

**clears throat**

Any tabloid heading that starts 'Is this....', 'Could this be...' etc. can be safely answered 'No'

Usual suspects are the Daily Mail putting all inanimate objects into the pigeon holes of causing or curing cancer "Can pomegranates protect you from cervical cancer?" and of course the omnipresent McCann story. "Is this Maddie?"

I say 'First Theory' as I fully expect there to be more. Otherwise, my life has just reached it's blogging peak. Hmmm.......

EDIT: 17th Oct 07 : An excellent exhibit here. Ticks ALL the boxes. Incidentally, I disagree with the Vatican TV director.

EDIT: 26th Oct 07: A fine specimen courtesy of JDC. Slaps rational scientific thinking with a wet plant, and cures the cold at the same time.

EDIT: 3rd Nov 2007: This is outstanding. Ok it's from 2003, but the Daily Mail just cant help itself. "Bring me the ScienceMangle™..."

EDIT: 6th Dec 2007
More cancerous lipstick.The product in question is not used in lipstick. See here

Hmmm... need to find a way of retaining a copy of the evidence.....


  1. That sounds like a remarkably good guiding principle and one that I shall keep by me when glancing around surrounding headlines on the train.

  2. Cheers Shinga :)

    Any examples you can find will be put here forthwith - I am your humble blogservant!

  3. Dr T - I've used your theory in a blog post on an Astragalus puff piece that appeared on some interweb 'news' service called Associated Content. Cheers! jdc

  4. Thanks JDC - you are too kind!