Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here we go......

Well, let's get started and stop muffing around.

Where better to start than the wonderfully spleen-ventable world of the religion/science interface.

In my head, if someone spends a long time studying, reading and musing on a subject for a good length of time (even to the point where they get awarded a degree or perhaps more) then their point of view on that subject is often of value. Outside of that field, their p-o-v carries no more weight than that of London cabbie.

And so to Archbishop Francisco Chimoio. (Note: not any old Bish, but and archbish and God's top man in Mozambique). This sensible chap has decided that European condoms (only from 2 countries though) are loaded with AIDS virus to "finish" the African people for good.

Now perhaps speaking to the Archbish, he could have spoken authoritatively on how both snakes AND donkeys learnt to speak in days gone by (Genesis 3; Numbers 22:28-30) but I'm keen to find the out the Archbish's credentials on European Condom Manufacturing processes (Part B: Secret Ingredients).

If it wasn't so damned tragic, there would a number of extremely humourous and waspishly sarcastic comments to be made.

But I can't actually speak.


  1. Those little biscuits are secretly infected with stupidity.

  2. If His Eminent Stupidness was taking bribes from or being blackmailed by the AWB he couldn't have said anything more damaging to Black Africa.